Femina Clothing

Graphic design for a UK based women's fashion e-store

Graphic Design

The brand

Femina Clothing is a UK based fashion retailer focused on offering locally sourced clothing in a wide range of styles bundled in a great and worry-free online shopping experience.

My role

Since I started working with the brand my role was to provide the graphic design needed for all the marketing efforts. This included social media images, website banners or graphics for various ad campaigns.

The challenge

The biggest challenge was the fact that most of the product shots I had available were a model in front of a plain background, which combines with the need for quick turnaround didn’t allow me to do too much editing. I had to come up with a solution that could keep up with this fast schedule and still maintain consistency throughout all the marketing efforts.

After a few experiments, I finally decided to focus on a very consistent typographic style as the main identity trait in all the materials I made since this proved to be effective and very quick to iterate over. There were, of course, a few exceptions from this where the situation asked for something else.

Femina Clothing main font

A few samples

These are a few of the graphics I made to promote various events and offers on the website.

Femina Clothing web banners

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